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Victoria Skatepark

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Skate Park Rules

  • This skate park is a skate at your own risk facility, designed for skateboarding and in-line skating. Know your ability and skate accordingly.
  • No motorized vehicles or other wheeled devices allowed within the skate park.
  • This is an unsupervised facility; serious injury may result from being hit by a board, falling or colliding with another skater.
  • The use of protective equipment is strongly recommended.
  • This is your skate park. Please take care of it. Do no tag it or you will be introduced to the local police department on a formal basis.
  • Use trash containers as provided. Trash your wheels and boards, not your skate park.
  • Additional obstacles or materials, like ramps and jumps not part of the skate park are prohibited.
  • No food, gum, drinks, or glass containers allowed on the skating surface.
  • Your skate park is self-policing. Please skate safely and be respectful and courteous to others. Share your skate park.
  • Please notify the police by calling 911 for emergencies; all other calls regarding the skate park may be directed to the parks and recreation department at 361-485-3200.
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