What does the petition need to say?

The City Charter states the “initiative petition papers shall contain the full text of the proposed legislation in the form of an ordinance with a descriptive caption.” Each person signing the petition must sign his or her name in ink or indelible pencil.  To be a valid petition signature, the petition must also contain the signer’s printed name, voter registration number, residence address, and date of signing.  Each page of the petition shall contain an affidavit stating that the affiant circulated the petition personally and that each signature on the petition was made in his or her presence and is the genuine signature of the person whose name it claims to show.

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1. Does the City Charter give citizens the power to petition for direct legislation?
2. What does the petition need to say?
3. What happens after the petition is filed?
4. What action is the City Council required to take if the petition is certified?