Field Operations for Water and Wastewater

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Our field operations team performs routine maintenance and repairs to water mains and service lines, sewer mains and service lines, fire hydrants, water valves, and manholes.  These crews also install new water and sewer services.

Crews work 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays.  Our after hour and emergency numbers are 361-485-3380 or 361-485-3415.

Services provided by this team:

  1. Investigate and make necessary repairs to water mains, water valves, fire hydrants, meters, and water service lines up to the city right of way.
  2. Investigate and correct water quality concerns.
  3. Install new water and sewer services. 
  4. Investigate and make necessary repairs to sewer mains, manholes and sewer service lines.
  5. Locate and mark water and sewer services on city easements and roadways for anyone requesting that the lines be marked for construction or excavation purposes.
  6. Repair water meter leaks.
  7. Perform a water meter testing and replacement program.

Maintenance phone line - 361-485-3380

Distribution & Collection Manager -Vacant

Utility Supervisor - Alberto Cervantes

Utility Supervisor - Vaughn Karkos

Utility Supervisor - David Mansfield