EPA Requirements

The City of Victoria Pretreatment staff put together this information to assist you in complying with the Pretreatment Program and the Oil and Grease Ordinance.

The Environmental Protection Agency requires the City to have a Pretreatment Program.  In addition to this mandate, the City adopted an Oil and Grease Ordinance to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows.  These two programs affect the operation of many commercial businesses.  Unfortunately, failure to meet the requirements of these programs may result in a loss of water and/or wastewater services.  Although it is the responsibility of the business owner to become familiar with and comply with any applicable requirements, we are available to help.

Pretreatment Program

The Pretreatment Program is mandated by the EPA and applies to all commercial users (existing or new) discharging any wastes not characterized as domestic.  (Domestic wastes are associated with a home.)
This program regulates wastewater discharges and requires proper disposal of waste. The Pretreatment Program regulates business as varied as funeral homes to oil field service companies.  ALL commercial businesses are required by city ordinance to complete a questionnaire/application for review by the Pretreatment staff to determine any compliance requirements.  Again, the Pretreatment staff of the City of Victoria is available to help you with these requirements.

Oil and Grease Ordinance

The Oil and Grease Ordinance applies to every food service establishment preparing, serving or doing clean up work for food products.  This ordinance requires compliance for new and existing facilities.
Existing facilities must meet additional requirements at the following times:

  1. Change of ownership,
  2. Change of type of establishment,
  3. Plumbing changes,
  4. Expansions,
  5. Change in occupancy,
  6. In compliance with a tier schedule established in the Ordinance, or
  7. Otherwise in compliance with a determination of the Director of Public Works.

New establishments are required to comply before the business opening.