Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention

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The Victoria Police Department assigns Detectives to investigate Motor Vehicle Thefts and Motor Vehicle Burglaries. These detectives have specialized training in motor vehicle, commercial vehicle, water craft, and heavy equipment theft, and are members of the Texas Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators and International Association of Auto Theft Investigators. Two of these positions are funded by a grant from the Texas Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority.  Since 1992, the Victoria Police Department has been able to provide full time motor vehicle theft investigators with the grant.

The goals of the Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention task force are:

  • To investigate all reports of motor vehicle theft and burglary reported to the Police Department, and to recover stolen automobiles and property through investigation and detection and to incarcerate the offenders of these crimes.
  • To investigate, detect, and apprehend stolen vehicles in transit through Victoria
  • To conduct salvage yard and other types of auto service business inspections, as well as conducting vehicle inspections, also known as Texas Department of Transportation form 68-A inspections for the public.
  • To lower the incidence of auto theft and burglary by education to the public through crime prevention programs.
  • To lower the incidence of vehicle burglary

The Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention task force also investigates false reports of motor vehicle theft which are usually a result of insurance fraud or persons losing their cars during drug deals (drug trades). It is estimated that 30% of all insurance claims involve some type of fraud, therefore false reporting of auto theft and insurance fraud is aggressively investigated and prosecuted.

These Detectives also work to provide public awareness and education on auto theft and burglary prevention.

 Detectives Currently Assigned to This Unit

Detective Jerry Sepulveda


Detective Thomas Broadus




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