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Frequently Asked Questions for the Victoria Police Department

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  • Does the Police Department register Sex Offenders? If so, when?

  • I need to talk to a Police Officer but it is not an emergency. Where do I call?

  • Can I get a copy of a Police report?

  • Can I buy a crash report (traffic accident) online?

  • Does the Police Department offer Fingerprinting Services? I need a set of my fingerprints for a job.

  • Where are the Crime Statistics for Victoria Police?

  • Where can I see a Police Crime Map for Victoria?

  • How do I obtain a Criminal History or Background Check of myself?

  • Do the Police escort funerals?

  • Where can I review the Job Descriptions for Police entry level positions?

  • What are the Job Application Procedures and Disqualification Criteria for VPD Applicants?

  • How can I find out more information on the Police Academy?

  • How can I compliment a Police Officer or employee for quality service?

  • How can I make a complaint on a Police Officer or employee?

  • Is there a Step Pay Plan for Police Officers?

  • Can I get a Police Department speaker for Crime Prevention or some other topic?

  • Can I talk to someone at the Police Department about gangs?

  • I suspect drug / narcotics activity in my neighborhood. Who can I talk to?

  • How do I contact the Police Department's Public Information Officer regarding News/Media Relations.

  • What is Neighborhood Watch and how do I get one in my area of town?

  • What is the Civilian Police Academy?

  • I've heard of Child Print. Can I get my children fingerprinted?

  • How can I get a Home Security Survey and what's the purpose?

  • What is VIN Etching for vehicles?

  • How can I get a Street Blocking Permit?

  • How can I get a Parade Permit?

  • Does the Police Department issue permits for Pool Halls, Taxi Drivers, Itinerant Vendors or Solicitors?

  • How do I get an Off Duty Officer to work an event or for another security concern?

  • A VPD Officer gave me a ticket. How can I sign up for Defensive Driving?

  • Can I ride along with a Police Officer on duty?

  • What is the Victoria 100 Club?

  • Is Crime Stoppers really anonymous?

  • What type of Crime Victim Services does the Police Department offer?

  • Can you tell me if a certain area is a “safe” place to live? How can I get information on Criminal Activity?

  • I reported a crime to the Police but the people have not been arrested yet. Why not?

  • Does it matter where a crime happened for the Police to investigate?

  • What is a Criminal Trespass Warning?

  • What is Harassment? Can I file charges on someone for harassing me?

  • I'm curious if something is against the law. How can I find out online?

  • “I’ve Been Robbed !” What’s the difference between a Robbery, Burglary and Theft in Texas?

  • How can I report cars speeding through my neighborhood or other traffic related problems?

  • Where do I call about Stored or Junked Vehicles

  • What are the Law Enforcement agencies in Victoria County and what are their roles?