Security Surveys

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What is a Home Security Survey?

  • A Home Security Survey is an inspection of your home. The inspection will cover items such as type of lighting, doors, locks, and windows.

Why should I have a Security Survey done?

  • You will learn what areas of your home need security improvements and how to make those improvements. Also the inspection may qualify you for a reduction in your home owner’s insurance premiums.

How does it work?

  • First, contact your Insurance agent to verify whether or not they offer a reduction in home owner’s insurance premiums, if you have your home inspected. Then you will complete a checklist provided by the Victoria Police Department. After the list is completed, you will contact the Crime Prevention Office at 361-485-3808. An Officer will schedule a time to do the inspection. After passing the inspection, the Officer will give you a copy of a form provided by the Texas Department of Insurance. You will take your copy to your agent for the reduction.

How much does this service cost?

  • Any improvements needed to pass the inspection will be at the home owner’s expense. The Victoria Police Department does the inspection FREE.

Who does this survey?

  • The Victoria Police Department has Crime Prevention Officers who are certified with the Texas Department of Insurance. Only these Officers can perform the inspection and sign the necessary form for the reduction.

What if my insurance doesn't offer the reduction?

  • If your insurance does not offer the reduction, you can still have the inspection. The inspection will still provide you with recommendations on how to make your home “harder” to burglarize. While the Victoria Police Department cannot guarantee you won’t be burglarized, our recommendation should discourage burglars.

How do I obtain a checklist?

  • To obtain a checklist, you may come by the Victoria Police Department Substation located in the Victoria Mall next to Sears or you may download a copy by clicking HERE. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Crime Prevention office by calling (361)485-3808 Monday – Friday 8 PM – 5 PM.

For more information on Home Security Surveys - contact 361-485-3808 or email by clicking this link.