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Solid Waste operates as a division of Environmental Services and provides automated residential garbage collection for approximately 20,000 City of Victoria residences. 

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Basics About Automated Garbage Collection

Have your cart at the curb before 7AM with the wheels secure against the curb or along the street with the handle facing your residence if you street does not have a curb.

Garbage is collected every week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

Cart lid must be completely closed or your cart will be tagged and not collected.

Garbage cart must be placed 5 feet away from surrounding obstacles on ALL sides.

Garbage collection is done weekly on your designated day. Your designated day can be found at the bottom of the Environmental Services main page.

Additional carts are available upon request for $5 per month for a one year commitment.

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Basics About The Waiver Program
Residents who are disabled and are unable to move their city issued garbage cart to their curbside may be eligible for the waiver program.


There must be no other resident living within the household who is able to move the city issued garbage cart to the curbside.

Residents eligible for this program must leave the cart in a designated area that is agreed upon after a site visit is made by a Solid Waste representative.

Arrangements to participate in the Waiver Program may be made by calling the Solid Waste Division.
Online Services Requests

With online services requests, residents may:

Apply for the waiver program.
Request a cart number.
Request an additional recycle/garbage cart.

Online service request can be made by clicking the yellow "Services Request" button below.

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What If ...

I have more that needs to be disposed of?
City and County residents can utilize the City's Landfill to drop off additional items that will not fit in your cart. For additional information on what they accept contact Republic Services.

Victoria Landfill - Republic Services
 18141 FM 1686
 Bloomington, TX
 Phone: 361-489-3611


Hours of Operation
 Monday thru Friday:
 7am to 5pm
 7am to 12pm last vehicle accepted at 11:30 am


Republic Services

Department Contact Information
 Staff Location
 702 N. Main, Ste. 124
 Victoria, TX 77902


 Environmental Service Contact
Phone: 361-485-3230
 Fax: 361-485-3226


 Solid Waste Contact
 Phone: 361-485-3220
 Fax: 361-485-3226


 Staff Contact List
 Darryl Lesak - Director of Environmental Service
 Emma Hogan - Principal Clerk
 Trey Torres - Solid Waste Manager
 Robyn Vasquez - Principal Clerk
 Frank Luna - Solid Waste Supervisor
 Brisa Aguirre - Principal Clerk
 Tiffany Koenig - Environmental Specialist