Common Violations

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Code Enforcement deals with many different types of code violations. The most common violations are listed below:

High Grass and Weeds 
Grass/weeds over 12 inches high are a violation of Victoria City Code. Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their lawns mowed and clippings cleared from the adjacent sidewalk and street. Written notification is sent to the property owners or tenants who are allowed seven days to mow their property. If the violation is not corrected after the time has elapsed, the city will mow the high grass and weeds and send the owner an invoice. (City Code, Chapter 10-41)
Picture of open field with waist high grass showing

Tree Trimming
Property owners must clear shrubs, limbs and tree branches from the public right-of-way at least 8 feet over sidewalks and at least 14 feet over roadways. (City Code, Chapter 10- 41)

Junk Vehicles
A junk vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is self-propelled, has an expired registration or inspection sticker and is wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, inoperable for more than 72 hours on the public right-of-way or inoperable for more than 30 consecutive days on private property. (City Code, Chapter 10-51) (As defined in Chapter 683 of the Texas Transportation Code.)

Junk car with flat tires, broken window, missing hood, and missing doors

Trash and Debris
Homeowners and tenants are responsible for maintaining the area between the street and house free of junk, brush, trash and debris. This includes the storage of any furniture not intended for outdoor use, appliances, tires or similar item. (City Code, Chapter 10-41)

photo of trash pile with broken furniture, wood, and trash
Unsafe Buildings
An unsafe building complaint (e.g. a building built on substandard foundation, fire hazardous wiring, etc.) takes a minimum of 135 days to resolve and includes inspecting the property, identifying the owner, contacting the owner, allowing a thirty day period, by State law, for the owner to correct the probl

em, conducting up to two more inspections with time allowed for corrective action on the part of the owner, and scheduling the case to go before the Building & Standards Commission if the owner does not respond. The amount of time given to repair or demolish the structure is determined by the Building & Standards Commission. If the property issue is still not resolved, demolition proceedings will begin. (City Code, Chapter 5-161)

abandoned building with hole in the wall covered with sheet metal and unsafe building

Additional Code Enforcement Resources:

Animal-related Concerns:  Contact Victoria County Animal Control at 361-578-3564.

Stray/lost/injured animals, animal cruelty, dangerous animals, animal bite incidents, loose livestock, dead animals on public property.

Deed Restrictions:  Contact your Homeowners Association (HOA)

If you live in an area with a Homeowners Association (HOA) it may have adopted stricter deed restrictions including aesthetic controls.  Deed restrictions are private contracts and are not enforced by the City.