In an effort to keep Victoria clean, healthy and aesthetically pleasing to all residents, Code Enforcement is tasked with enforcing city ordinances relating to high grass and weeds, junk motor vehicles, sign violations, trash, and dangerous buildings.  Code Enforcement also strives to promote a higher quality of life by promoting awareness and compliance with city codes in order to stabilize and reverse the deterioration of neighborhoods. Citizens are encouraged to foster a strong sense of civic pride and voluntarily comply with city ordinances.  Property owners failing to maintain their properties in compliance with city ordinance pose the risk of enforcement action.

Report a Code Complaint:

Reporting a code violation is important. Your input helps Code Enforcement better identify issues and resolve problems in your neighborhood. The process is quick and easy and your information will be kept confidential. There are several ways you can report a code complaint.

  • Customer Service Request - Report complaints online.
  • Phone - Call 361-485-3330.
  • Walk-Ins & Mail - You can come in person and speak to a Code Enforcement Officer or file a written complaint by mail. Our office is located at 700 Main Center, Suite 117, P.O. Box 1758, Victoria, Texas 77902.