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Victoria Fire Department recognizes 2019 achievements at awards ceremony

Post Date:01/15/2020 12:00 PM

Brittany Proctor, Dr. John McNeill, Tim Hunter, Justin Adcock, Ranson Moore, Gabriel Balcorta, Joel Aguirre, Louis Malone-Ordaz, Chris Payne, Guadalupe De La Garza, Ray Gregory, Austin Carter, Joel Kordik, Dana Woodward, Bradley Madigan

The Victoria Fire Department recognized the contributions of outstanding employees and community members at its annual Fire Department Awards and Recognition Ceremony for 2019.

Brittany Proctor was given the Citizen Certificate of Merit for helping develop the fire department’s First Responder Mental Health and Trauma Support Program. Medical Director Dr. John McNeil and Battalion Chief Tim Hunter also were given the Certificate of Merit for their work in developing the fire department’s pre-hospital whole blood emergency transfusion program.

Firefighter/EMTs Justin Adcock and Ranson Moore received the Fire Chief Commendation and were recognized by the Texas Circle of Life Foundation for their lifesaving organ donations.

Fire Medic Gabriel Balcorta was named Medic of the Year.

Fire Medic Joel Aguirre was named Firefighter of the Year.

Firefighter Hannah Frank was named Rookie of the Year.

Fire Medic Louis Malone-Ordaz was named Member of the Year.

Station 3/B-Shift, consisting of Fire Lieutenant Chris Payne, Fire Medic Guadalupe De La Garza, Fire Engineer Ray Gregory, Firefighter/EMT Austin Carter and Firefighter/EMT Joel Kordik, was named Crew of the Year.

Captain Dana Woodward and Captain Bradley Madigan in the Training Division received the Commitment to Excellence Award. 

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