Hiring Process Overview


The selection process for employment by the department is divided into several steps. An applicant must complete one step prior to advancing to the next step. All steps are normally completed within 90 days.

The hiring process for all Victoria Police Department positions is essentially the same. Tests will be administered for all entry level positions. This hiring process is subject to change. We ask that candidates utilize this website as much as possible to help answer questions pertaining to employment with the Victoria Police Department.

Applicants for all positions within the Police Department must meet the following requirements for further processing:

  1. Must meet the minimum age and education requirements in the City of Victoria Job Description for the position.
  2. Must satisfactorily pass a credit review and/or meet City guidelines for financial obligations such as an IRS lien or garnishment, judgment for non-payment or admission of non-payment of child support. A sustained disqualification will be in effect until the applicant meets the City of Victoria standards.
  3. Failure to meet the City of Victoria driving standards which includes:
    • Three or more at-fault accidents and/or moving violation convictions within the last three years. (if the applicant is applying for a position that requires driving)
    • Driving during suspension of driving privileges within the last three years
  4. Must have been fingerprinted and subjected to a search of local, state and U.S. national records and fingerprint files to disclose any criminal record. The Victoria Police Department fingerprints all employees.
  5. Must not have been on court-ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense above the grade of Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years from the date of the court order.
  6. Must not currently be charged with any criminal offense for which conviction would be a bar to obtaining a TCOLE license for the position.
  7. Must not ever have been convicted of an offense above the grade of a Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years.
  8. Must never have been convicted of any family violence offense.
  9. Must not be prohibited by state or federal law from operating a motor vehicle (if the applicant is applying for a position that requires driving).
  10. Police Officer applicants must not be prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.
  11. Must have been subjected to a background investigation and have been interviewed prior to appointment by representatives of the appointing authority (Police Department).
  12. Police Officer applicants must successfully pass a medical examination from a physician selected and approved by the City of Victoria. These applicants must be physically sound and free from any defect which may adversely affect the performance of duty appropriate to the type of license sought
  13. Police Officer and Telecommunications Operator applicants must successfully pass a psychological examination from a Psychologist or Psychiatrist appointed and approved by the City of Victoria.
  14. All applicants must successfully pass a City of Victoria approved drug screening.
  15. Must not have been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions including, specifically; (A) under other than honorable conditions; (B) bad conduct; (C) dishonorable; (D) any other characterization of service indicating bad character.
  16. Must not have had a TCOLE license denied by final order or revoked.
  17. Must not have a TCOLE license that is currently on suspension, or must not have a voluntary surrender of the license currently in effect.
  18. Must meet the minimum training standards and pass the TCOLE licensing examination for each TCOLE license sought.
  19. Must not have violated any TCOLE rule or provision of the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1701.
  20. Citizenship: Police Officer Applicants must be a U.S. citizen according to TCOLE Rules. For other positions, check with the City of Victoria Human Resources Office for eligibility.