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Thank you for visiting the City of Victoria Municipal Court website. It is our desire to assist the public in a positive and friendly manner that assures fair and quality service. The City of Victoria Municipal Court is a Court of Record, handling cases involving Class C misdemeanors. Generally, such cases are punishable by fine only. 

The City of Victoria Municipal Court offers  E-Court Appearance. You may be eligible to dispose of your case by video conference with the Judge on your computer or mobile device.

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Our Mission

To serve the community through the promotion of justice by providing an impartial forum for the resolution of all cases brought before the court in a manner such that the legal rights of individuals are safeguarded and public interest is protected.


  • Ensure access to justice
  • Ensure expedition and timeliness in case processing
  • Ensure independence and accountability of the court
  • Foster public trust and confidence in the justice system
  • Strive for equality, fairness, and integrity in court operations
  • Jurisdiction
Text the Municipal Court at (361) 210-3600
A text exchange between person and Clerk regarding ticket cost and resolution options.

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