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Victoria Police Department
Police Department Directory

Mailing Address:

Victoria Police Department

P.O. Box 2086

Victoria, TX  77902

VPD Administration, Patrol and Investigations are Located at:

306 S. Bridge Street

Victoria, TX

VPD Records,

Training and Recruitment are Located in the City Hall Building:

105 W. Juan Linn Street

Victoria, TX

Victoria PD Email  
The Police Department is responsible for emergency communication, traffic control, criminal investigation and criminal apprehension. 
For Emergencies:    Call 911 VPD Main # (361) 485-3700
Non-Emergency Calls for Assistance: Other Helpful VPD Contacts by Topic
(361)-573-3221 (VPD Dispatch Center)  
Click the "Unit" name below for more information.

Administration Support Services Training & Recruitment
Patrol Division Traffic Safety Unit Telephone Response Unit
Investigations Division Assault Crimes Unit Property Crimes Unit
Motor Vehicle Theft Unit Crime Stoppers Crime Victims Assistance
Crime Prevention Unit Crime Scene Unit  
Telecommunications (911) Records Section  


Main # 361-485-3714

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Jeff Craig Chief of Police jjcraig@victoriatx.org (361)485-3714
Roy Boyd Assistant Chief of Police rboyd@victoriatx.org (361)485-3717
Jesse Turner Captain of Patrol jturner1@victoriatx.org (361)485-3718
Kevin Sanderson Captain of Investigations ksanderson@victoriatx.org (361)485-3725
Kelly Price Lieutenant- Administration kprice@victoriatx.org (361)485-3719
Mike Hernandez Lieutenant - Prof Standards mhernandez@victoriatx.org (361)485-3731
Kelly Luther Sergeant - Prof Standards kluther@victoriatx.org (361)485-3723
Brenda Huff Administrative Assistant bhuff@victoriatx.org (361)485-3714

Patrol Division

                 (Patrol, Traffic Safety Unit, Crime Prevention, Crime Stoppers and

                                                                    & Telephone Response Unit)                         Top of Page 

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Jesse Turner Captain jturner1@victoriatx.org (361)485-3718

1st Platoon

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Jason Cross Lieutenant 1st Platoon jcross@victoriatx.org (361)485-3765
Jeffrey Strauss Sergeant 1st Platoon jstrauss@victoriatx.org (361)485-3766

2nd Platoon

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Eline Moya Lieutenant 2nd Platoon emoya@victoriatx.org (361)485-3765
Julian Huerta Sergeant 2nd Platoon jhuerta@victoriatx.org (361)485-3766
Herschel Buck

Sergeant 2nd Platoon

hbuck@victoriatx.org (361)485-3766

3rd Platoon

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Caleb Breshears Lieutenant 3rd Platoon cbreshears@victoriatx.org (361)485-3764
Robert Rogers Sergeant 3rd Platoon rrogers@victoriatx.org (361)485-3766
Adam Nieto Sergeant 3rd Platoon anieto@victoriatx.org (361)485-3766

4th Platoon

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Ralph Buentello Lieutenant 4th Platoon rbuentello@victoriatx.org (361)485-3764
Adam Rodriguez Sergeant 4th Platoon arodriguez@victoriatx.org (361)485-3766

                                                     Traffic Safety Unit                         Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Kirby Redlin Sergeant kredlin@victoriatx.org (361)485-3783
David Brogger Traffic Safety Officer dbrogger@victoriatx.org (361)485-3782
William Bernard

Traffic Safety Officer

wbernard@victoriatx.org (361)485-3782
Branden Allen Traffic Safety Officer ballen@victoriatx.org (361)485-3782

Telecommunications Section

                                 (911 for Emergencies or 361-573-3221 for Non-Emergencies)    Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Pat Aitchison Lieutenant paitchison@victoriatx.org (361)485-3830

Telephone Response Unit

                                                                 (Police Service Technicians)                               Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone

Investigations Division

(Assault Crimes, Property Crimes, Crime Scene Unit, Crime Victims Assistance,

                                                       Motor Vehicle Theft, & Computer Crimes)                    Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Kevin Sanderson Captain ksanderson@victoriatx.org (361)485-3725
 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Michael Tatum Lieutenant mtatum@victoriatx.org (361)485-3738
Glenn Vaughn


gvaughn@victoriatx.org (361)485-3733
Jason Turner Sergeant jrturner@victoriatx.org (361)485-3759
Ryan Beard

Warrant Officer / Bailiff

rbeard@victoriatx.org (361)485-3067
Adela Lopez Senior Police Clerk alopez@victoriatx.org (361)485-3750
Alex Vester Police Clerk avester@victoriatx.org (361)485-3730
Audrey Mozisek Police Clerk amozisek@victoriatx.org (361)485-3730

General Assignment Section

(Assault Crimes Unit, Crime Scene Unit, and Crime Victims Assistance)

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Glenn Vaughn Sergeant gvaughn@victoriatx.org (361)485-3733

                                                  Assault Crimes Unit                         Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Amy Grothe Detective agrothe@victoriatx.org (361)485-3742
David Ruiz Detective druiz@victoriatx.org (361)485-3745
James Brewer Detective jbrewer@victoriatx.org (361)485-3740
Joseph Felan Detective jfelan@victoriatx.org (361)485-3761

                                                    Crime Scene Unit                           Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Holly Jedlicka

CSU Supervisor

hjedlicka@victoriatx.org (361)485-3788
Crystal Lara Crime Scene Technician clara@victoriatx.org (361)485-3791
Maria Perez Crime Scene Technician mperez@victoriatx.org (361)485-3790
Teresa Martinez Crime Scene Technician tmartinez@victoriatx.org (361)485-3789

                                     Crime Victims / Witness Assistance           Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Wendi DuVall Crime Victims Liaison wduvall@victoriatx.org (361)485-3758

Special Assignment Section

(Property Crimes, Motor Vehicle Theft  and Computer Crimes)

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Jason Turner Sergeant jrturner@victoriatx.org (361)485-3759

                                                  Property Crimes Unit                       Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
James Poe Detective - Burglary jwpoe@victoriatx.org (361)485-3743
Jett McFalls Detective - Burglary jmcfalls@victoriatx.org (361)485-3739
Daniel Torres Detective - Theft dtorres@victoriatx.org (361)485-3746
Christina Tate Detective - Theft ctate@victoriatx.org (361)485-3741
Jerry Sepulveda Detective - Theft jsepulveda@victoriatx.org (361)485-3762
Cody Breunig Detective - Computer Crimes cbreunig@victoriatx.org (361)485-3748
Chris Hill Detective - Computer Crimes chill@victoriatx.org (361)485-3747
Jeff Parsons Detective - Criminal Mischief jparsons@victoriatx.org (361)485-3744

Crime Stoppers

                                                                (Tip Line # 361-572-4200)                                     Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Tanya Brown Crime Stoppers Detective tbrown@victoriatx.org (361)485-3757

Crime Prevention Unit

                                              (Main # 361-485-3808 or FAX # 361-485-3815)                   Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Chris Guerra Sergeant - PIO cguerra@victoriatx.org (361)485-3811
John Turner Crime Prevention Officer jtturner@victoriatx.org (361)485-3810
Candace Lantiegne Police Clerk clantiegne@victoriatx.org (361)485-3808

Crime Stoppers

                                                                (Tip Line # 361-572-4200)                                     Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Tanya Brown Crime Stoppers Detective tbrown@victoriatx.org (361)485-3757

                                            Motor Vehicle Theft Unit                    Top of Page

(Theft and Burlgary of Vehicles)

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Willie Whitfield Detective wwhitfield@victoriatx.org (361)485-3736
Jason Martin Detective jlmartin2@victoriatx.org (361)485-3735

Support Services Division

                      (Training and Recruitment; Records Section, & Telecommunications)   Top of  Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Mark Jameson


mjameson@victoriatx.org (361)485-3732
Rick Mendez Building & Supply Manager rmendez@victoriatx.org (361)485-3721

Training & Recruitment Unit

                                                                 (Main # 361-485-3799)                                           Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Lee Lemmons Training Sergeant llemmons@victoriatx.org (361)485-3800
Jonathan Allen Training Officer jallen@victoriatx.org (361)485-3804
Jeff Lehnert Training Officer jlehnert@victoriatx.org (361)485-3801
David Brogger Recruitment Coordinator dbrogger@victoriatx.org (361)485-3805
  Police Clerk   (361)485-3799

Records Section

                                                   (Main # 361-485-3700 or FAX # 361-576-9553)             Top of Page

 Name  Title  Email  Phone
Christina Morales Records Supervisor cmorales@victoriatx.org (361)485-3708
Ramona Chavez Police Clerk rchavez@victoriatx.org (361)485-3700
Hilary Kristynik Police Clerk hkristynik@victoriatx.org (361)485-3700
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