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Thank you for contacting the City of Victoria. Customer Service Requests received during normal business hours are usually acknowledged within the business day. Requests received after hours, on weekends or holidays will be acknowledged on the next business day.

For all Police, Fire and Medical Emergencies please call 911.
If you need immediate assistance please call the appropriate department.    City Directory

To enter a Customer Service Request:
1. Choose an Area of Request (use "Other" if you cannot find an exact Area of Request)
2. Choose an Request (use "Other" for both Area of Request and Request if you cannot find
     an exact match, then give Details of Request)
3. Type in the Details of Request.
4. You must include your email address if you want an acknowledgment email sent back to you.

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* These fields are required. Names are especially useful when reporting repeat city code violators. Names and addresses are kept confidential.

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