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Fire Station Alert Tones

Each fire station has a unique alert tone that sounds when a call is dispatched for them.  The stations are also equipped with encoders that when activated block out other stations alert tones from being heard.  The station encoder is "opened" when the tone for that particular station is sounded.

Click each link below to hear what each stations tones sound like.  In addition to the station tones we also use a set of alerts that designate what type of call is being dispatched.  Samples of these are also below.


The links above let you hear what each individual station alert and type of call alert sounds like.  The links below put them together so you can hear what an actual dispatch might sound like.  More than one station may be dispatched on a call so each tone must be sounded to alert that crew.  In addition, each volunteer department also has a unique alert tone and is dispatched with the Victoria Fire Department.

Medical Call   Station 5

Auto Accident

Station 5/Shift Commander/Quail Creek Volunteers

Fire Call

Station 3/Station 2/Station 1/Shift Commander