The Engineering Division functions as the City's in-house engineering consultant.  Duties of this division include:

  • Miscellaneous Project Design (Streets and Drainage, Utilities, Parks)
  • Engineering Consultant Contracts
  • Supervision and Administration of Construction Projects
  • Capitol Improvement Design
  • Project Construction Administration and Inspection
  • Master Drainage Plan Administration
  • Subdivision Plan Review and Construction Inspection
  • Oil Well Permitting
  • Franchise Utility Permitting and Inspection
  • Street Inventory Maintenance
  • Right-of-Way Permit Administration (driveway, sidewalk, etc.)
  • Plat and Utility Grid Map Maintenance
  • Citizen Issue Resolution

Design Guidelines and Standard Details

City of Victoria Public Works Construction Ver 2014.4

Current Construction Projects

Capital Improvements Project List (CIP)

2014 Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Proposed Letting Schedule

Street Light Outages
American Electric Power (AEP): 866-223-8508

Victoria Electric Co-Op (VEC): 361-573-2428

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