Emergency Notification:


  1. Voluntary Evacuation Lifted. The water has drained out of Greens Addition. Residents who evacuated and motorists in general, should NOT drive through any water that is standing in low-lying neighborhood streets.
  2. The large amount of water that is still flowing down the river will result in a very slow drop in the river level. There may be standing water in some low lying neighborhoods for several more days.
  3. The latest river level measurement from the National Weather Service is at 28.94 feet with a flow of 29,900 cubic feet per second. The river level continues to drop after a crest of 30.19 feet at 4:30 Saturday morning, but at a very slow rate. According to NWS estimates, the river level will be near 28.60 feet at midnight tonight and not will drop below 25 feet by June 5.
  4. Riverside Park and the City RV Park will remain closed until further notice. Information about reopening parts of the park will be released when that information becomes available.
  5. The American Red Cross Shelter will remain open until further notice.

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For those who are traveling outside of Victoria or for those who are on the way back to Victoria, check TXDOT's "road closure" web site at