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Large Item and Tree Limb Collection are services available to all residents within the city limits of Victoria. These are curbside services in which large items and tree limbs are collected by a knuckle boom truck and are taken either to the City of Victoria landfill or Garden-Ville compost facility.

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2017 Brush Collection Schedule
Not sure which area is yours? Fill out out the form at the bottom of the main Environmental Services page for service information about our address.

Click the image below for a 2017 calendar for each area.
2017 Area 1
2017 Area 2
2017 Area 3
2017 Area 4
Area 1
Area 2
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The map below shows, in general, where the four areas are located in Victoria.
Tree Limb Areas 2015

Important City Code Information for Large Item/Tree Limb Collection
Large items or tree limbs may NOT be placed at the curb for longer than 48 hours before the trucks are in your scheduled service area. If items are left at the curb for longer than 48 hours, your items will be tagged and your address turned over to Code Enforcement who will then open a case for your address.

To avoid this, we stress to all residence to contact the Solid Waste Division before placing any large items or tree limbs at the curb for collection.

NOTE: When placing tree limbs or large items out, they must be placed at the curb and NOT in the street.

Basics of Tree Limb Collection

Everything over 6 cubic yards (4' x 4' x 10') will have a $1.50/minute fee.

If out of cycle, there will be a $20 service fee plus $1.50/minute fee.

Please call the Solid Waste Division to make sure a truck is scheduled to be in your service area prior to cutting your limbs.

Limbs must be no longer than 8 feet.

Face all cut ends in the same direction.

The City will pick up tree trunks no larger than 2 foot in diameter and no longer than 4 feet in length.

*In Cycle Collection: This means the trucks are scheduled to be in your area on the dates outlined in the table above.

When in-cycle, residents may dispose of up to 6 cubic yards of tree limbs per quarter without additional charge. Anything over 6 cubic yards within each quarter is subject to a $1.50 per minute collection charge.

*Out of Cycle Collection: This means the trucks are not scheduled to be in your area and must be sent on a special trip to collect tree limbs. Residents must schedule and agree to the extra charges before a truck can be sent on an out of cycle collection. Out of Cycle Collections are only done on Fridays.

Basics of Large Item Collection

Residents may call in two large item collections up to 6 cubic yards (4' x 4' x 10') per year with no additional charges.

Additional charge of $1.50 a minute may apply if the pile is over 6 cubic yards.

Residents may have more than two large item collections a year at the rate of $20 service fee plus $1.50 per minute per additional collection.

Appointments may be made by calling the Solid Waste office at 361-485-3220.

Large item collections are done Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you schedule online and approve charges for a large item collection, you will receive a phone call letting you know when to place your items at the curb.

Attention: Refrigerators or AC units must have the refrigerant (Freon) professionally removed before collection. You will get a sticker to place on the item once the refrigerant has been removed. The sticker must be on the item and visible for the item to be collected at the curb. 

Note: Vacant lots or unoccupied residential homes that are not currently billed for services are not eligible for tree limb or bulky item collections.

Contact Information
Darryl Lesak - Environmental Services Director

Trey Torres - Solid Waste Manager

Frank Luna - Solid Waste Supervisor

Richelle Pulido - Principal Clerk

Emma Sanchez - Principal Clerk


Solid Waste Division
1701 SW Ben Jordan
Victoria, TX 77901
Phone: 361-485-3220
Fax: 361-485-3225

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am to 5pm

Garden-Ville Compost Facility
18545 FM 1686
Bloomington, TX
Phone: 361-897-1500

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7am to 5pm
7am to 1pm

Victoria Landfill
18141 FM 1686
Victoria, TX 77905
Phone: 361-489-3611

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7AM to 5PM
7AM to 1PM