Garbage, Brush & Limb Collection After Hurricane Harvey

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This special page has been created to provide specific information to residents about garbage, brush & limb collection following Hurricane Harvey.

The regular schedule for household trash has resumed and routes are being picked up as normal. During this emergency, residents who have more household trash than will fit in the gray trash cart, may use the green and yellow recycling bin for overflow. Those needing more space can place plastic trash bags on the curb at least five feet away from any trash carts.

Brush pick up services are underway across the city and will continue seven days a week. Due to the extremely high volume of storm damaged trees, it may take 4 to 5 weeks to make the first complete pass of the city. Another pass will be made after that initial pick up. This pick up is for limbs and brush only. At a later time, other storm debris will be collected.

AshBritt is picking up brush across the City and crews will be in a variety of trucks that are marked with an AshBritt placard. The trucks are very large, so please be sure and stay out of their way. Do not place garbage containers or park vehicles in front of brush piles.

To assist with the process, please make sure that all brush is placed at the curb. Do not leave stacks in places where they could fall over into the street. Residents are reminded not to stack limbs and brush on top of water meters and near gas meters. Do not leave stacks in places where they could fall over into the street. Do not stack limbs in alley ways. Limbs are being picked up along streets.

Residents are asked not to distract the clean-up crews with questions so they can concentrate on the safe removal of debris. AshBritt cannot enter private property to assist with debris removal.

Yard waste in the paper bags will not be picked up by the contracted brush service. The bags that are already stacked will be picked up but residents are asked to stop putting the paper yard waste bags next to their limb stacks. The City will collect the yard waste in bags at a later time.

Residents who live outside the city limits may check the Victoria County website for a schedule of limb pick up services. An FAQ page is available on the Victoria County webpage for residents who have questions:…/9-un…/144-hurricane-harvey

For City and County residents, a limb drop-off center is open at Aloe Field just to the west of Bob White Road and Highway 77 (Loop 463). This drop-off site is FREE and open 7 days a week from 8 am-6 pm. Residents can also take limbs and brush to the Regional Compost Center at 18125 FM 1686; normal fees apply.

Recycling routes are suspended until further notice. For the time being, residents who wish to recycle at this time can drop off recycling for free to county courtesy stations located at Victoria Regional Airport and Quail Creek.

If your trash cart or recycling cart is missing after the hurricane, please contact the Solid Waste Office at 361-485-3220 and your name will be placed on a waiting list for a replacement cart. We are advising residents to claim stray garbage or recycling carts if theirs went missing. Please do not enter private property without permission to claim a stray garbage cart.