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Keep Grass Clippings in Yards, not on City Streets!

Post Date:05/01/2018 10:35 AM

Did you know... it is illegal for mowers, landscapers and residents to blow grass clippings, leaves or other yard waste into any street? Besides being a code violation, grass clippings can clog the City’s storm drain system.

When drains are clogged with clippings and debris, rain water can come back up through the storm drains, flooding homes and property. Also, storm drains empty into our creeks and rivers unfiltered and untreated, which means any fertilizers, insecticides or other chemical applied to the clippings that go into the storm drains are washed into our rivers and creeks.

Instead of blowing clippings and yard waste into the street, the City encourages you to do this instead:

  • Blow grass clippings back onto the lawn where they become mulch and a natural fertilizer.
  • Collect clippings and leaves into a compost pile. Clippings are excellent compost for gardeners.
  • Sweep, collect and bag clippings and leaves, and dispose of them properly.

Remember… keep them in the yard, not on the street. For more information or to report violations, call the Code Enforcement Office at 485-3330.