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City Terminates Stage II of Drought Contingency Plan; State I Restrictions Remain in Effect

Post Date:11/20/2014 1:25 PM

(VICTORIA, TEXAS) The City has ended Stage II Drought Contingency restrictions and returned to Stage I Drought Contingency restrictions which call for voluntary water conservation.

The flow on the Guadalupe River has remained consistently above 150 cubic feet per second since November 5th which allowed the City to end the City’s Stage II Drought Contingency Plan restrictions. For the months of October through February, the City’s permit to pump water from the Guadalupe River allows pumping when the flow is above 150 cubic feet per second

Stage I of the City’s Drought Contingency Plan will remain in effect until normal flow patterns return to the Guadalupe River. Under Stage I, citizens are asked to voluntarily conserve water whenever possible. Water conservation practices include such measures as:

  1. Watering the lawn only when it is necessary. Learn to know when grass needs watering.  If it has turned a dull gray-green or if footprints remain visible, it is time to water.
  2. Use a sprinkler that produces large drops of water, rather than a fine mist, to avoid evaporation.
  3. To avoid evaporation, turn soaker hoses so the holes are on the bottom.
  4. Water slowly for better absorption and never water on windy days.
  5. Avoid watering the street, sidewalks or driveways.
  6. Do not water too frequently. Too much water can overload the soil so that air cannot get to the roots and can encourage plant diseases.
  7. Do not over-water.  Soil can absorb only so much moisture and the rest simply runs off.  A timer will help, and either a kitchen timer or an alarm clock will do.  An inch and one-half of water, applied once a week, will keep most Texas grasses alive and healthy.

For a more comprehensive list of water conservation practices, citizens are encouraged to visit the city’s website at


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